Rainbows visit our Science Department

An evening of colour and experiments was enjoyed by 1st Barnston Rainbows when the group of four to seven-year-olds came to HRS to investigate the science of colour for their Festival badge.

They enjoyed experiments including colouring in a circular card in three colours before spinning it and seeing the colours change, adding drops of food colouring to milk before adding washing-up liquid and seeing the colours disperse, as well as putting green and red cellophane over a torch to prove all colours come from white. They also drew a brown spot on filter paper, rested it over a beaker of water and watched as several colours spread out to show how many colours make one.

A finale of coloured flames from spraying chemicals at a Bunsen burner was performed by science teacher Mr Amos.

Susan Sarjeant, Rainbow leader and HRS learning support assistant, said: “The Rainbows enjoyed all the activities and are keen to visit HRS again. The fantastic finale of all the colours of the rainbow was spectacular and gave the girls an educational and fun evening.”