Sixth Form Business Challenge – a week of outstanding contributions

This term local businesses, 1Life, A-OK Care Monitoring, Bakewell, Esteem Health and Fitness and Scene II, set challenges for our Year 12 students and their week long competition produced some remarkable results.  The teams had to work together to research and solve the business challenge before presenting their solutions to a judging panel. 

The three finalists presented their solutions to the challenges set by 1Life Leisure Centre group, A-OK Care Monitoring and Bakewell a local bakery.  The winning team were asked to help promote and set up a distribution route for A-OK Care Monitoring’s product.  Within the week the group had encouraged Age Concern to endorse the product, Boots to distribute it and Superdrug to promote it.  Ray Higgs, Managing Director of A-OK Monitoring Limited said:

“I was so impressed with the attitude and ability of the students involved.  I deliberately left them to come up with their own ideas and views on the product and how best they felt we should launch it.  Their fresh approach has really made a difference.  Bearing in mind they had just one week to research and prepare, it is a credit to them that they achieved so much in so little time – well done.  It has been a pleasure working with them because of their genuine enthusiasm for the product and to helping the aged and vulnerable who are alone in their own homes.  They have asked if they can continue to work with A-OK in their own time and this has been arranged, with the help from the school.

Finally, I would like to congratulate HRS on this great initiative, providing students with the opportunity of getting involved with real businesses.”

It was a week of outstanding contributions by the Year 12 students, culminating in a spectacular presentation by the winning team: Mattie Bull, Rebecca Burnip, Lawrence Croxton, Rebecca Hayes, Ryan Kelly, Lilly Kelsey, Lauren Marshall, Isobel Newman, Marianne Simpkins, Edwin Taylor, Joe Thrower, Matthew Wickham.  George Askew and Sophie Beaton also received a prize for their personal development during the week.  Congratulations to all the students.