Year 6 Induction Days – 3rd and 4th July 2014

We hope that your child is looking forward to the Induction Days.

The two induction days will involve your child in a range of learning experiences which will familiarise him/her with the school and help him/her develop a range of skills across the school curriculum e.g. problem solving, literacy skills and working as part of a group.

Year 6 pupils living within our catchment area can travel to and from HRS on the school bus.  See Don’s of Dunmow website for bus times.  Pupils living outside our catchment area will need to be dropped off by 8.45am and collected from 3.10pm.

Please ensure you have returned your child’s medical and emergency contact forms to the school before Thursday 3rd July.

Your child should:

  • Attend in Primary School uniform
  • Bring a pen, pencil, coloured pencils
  • Bring a packed lunch if no school meal has been booked (see reply slip for details)
  • Wear trainers

Year 6 Induction Day timetables were given out during the Parents’ Evening or sent to parents afterwards.  See below for the Form Group codes on the timetable.

7PMC = 7LH
7CM = 7LR
7BGL = 7LS
7NL = 7LX
7ST = 7WH
7HB = 7WR
7JGB = 7WS
7PSM = 7WX