Mud on The Mead


Students from this school made the news for real on 27 March 2014 as they took part in BBC News School Report.

Please see below for news release:

Every day students from the local secondary school (The Helena Romanes School) walk
across the field at the top of Godfrey Way in order to go to and from school. However this
popular route is causing grievance for local residents as lots of mud from the field is being
trekked along the pavement in front of their houses.

In the summer, developers who are currently building Woodlands Park killed off the grass in the field in preparation for new houses to be built in the next few years. Unfortunately this means that there is no vegetation to hold the mud together.  Several residents have expressed their annoyance, with the resident nearest the field having to pressure wash the pavement outside his house. Mud is also left on kerbs where students have wiped their shoes. It could be argued that the mud poses a serious health hazard not only to the students, but also to dog-walkers and the general public who use the field and surrounding paths. Another resident, who lives closest to the field, has raised this problem with the local council in October, and the council then talked to the developers:
“I’ve lived here for four years and over that time, I’ve had to clean the pavement several
times with a pressure washer.”

Since then, the developers have provided a small strip of road for people to walk on,
however this only eases the problem a bit. The problems spread to the school, where mud is deposited in corridors and on stairs, to be cleaned up and creates more work for the school’s caretaking and cleaning staff.  The developers plan to extend the short gravel path further across the field when the weather becomes better.

By Sarah and Saskia