Holocaust Memorial Day marked at HRS

Year 13 students, Callum Dove and Jordan Moorby and Year 12 students, Amber Ewing and Ryan Johnson, have witnessed for themselves the horrors of Auschwitz during school trips.  The students also attend two seminars in London with the Holocaust Education Trust.  

Callum Dove and Jordan Moorby recently joined Holocaust survivor Eve Kugler in speaking to Year 9 HRS students about the events.

Teacher Paul Martin said: “Their presentation to their peers showed how much the whole experience has taught them. They spoke of how emotional their trip was and how it brought to life all they had learnt in their history A-level lessons.

“It is important for our students to have these experiences as we teach them about the Holocaust in school, but they cannot really take it all in until they have been confronted by some of the reality of it.”

Students listened in stunned silence as Mrs Kugler told her story.  Eve was born in Germany, and was seven years old in 1938 when Kristallnacht – the night of the broken glass – took place. Before the war her family escaped to France with forged visas. Following the outbreak of war her family was separated. Her parents sent to concentration camps, her youngest sister forced into hiding, and Eve and her other sister sent to America and into foster homes. Remarkably, they were all reunited in 1946.