Science Awards

Award-winning scientists are celebrating their eureka moments.

An awards scheme has been introduced in the Science department to recognise the effort being made by students.

Students who work well in a team or have a eureka moment will be put forward for the Crick & Watson or Archimedes awards, while those who consistently achieve high marks will be nominated for the Franklin award. The Einstein award is for students who get top marks in their assessments.

Mrs Greaves-Park, Head of Chemistry, said: “We wanted to reward more than just academic success and recognise those students who excel in different ways within science.  We hope this will encourage students to work hard and enjoy their science knowing their efforts are recognised. We look forward to seeing even more enthusiasm as a result in chemistry, biology and physics.”

The awards, for Key Stage 3 to 5 students, will be given each term from teacher nominations.  The top scientist of each year group will be recognised at the annual awards evening.